Aidan Beals,

Aidan hails from San Luis Obispo, California. Currently in his second year at UC San Diego, he is studying Political Science, Public Policy and considering a double major in History. His goals for the future are to have enough money to graduate college and then have enough money to graduate from more college.

Liam Barret,
Vice President

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Briana Shen,
AVP External

Briana Shen is a Southern California native who cannot stand cold weather (below 60 F). She's currently a second year at UCSD majoring in Political Science. She's campaigned for local congressman Scott Peter's re-election to Congress but also knows how to make pretzels thanks to her time working at Auntie Anne's. She enjoys the written word more than the spoken word and has been a journalist for six years. She hopes that her future jobs involve politics and allow her to use her creativity. In her free time she enjoys reading high fantasy and learning how to cook vegetarian meals.

Mohamed Al Elew,
AVP Campus Affairs

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